Colonoscopy Information

If attending a group meeting during the day is difficult for you, the information below will help you be prepared for your procedure.

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1. Common Questions

When should I have colon cancer screening?

It is recommended that everyone in the United States begin having colon cancer screening at age 50. Some people have an increased chance of getting colon cancer because of a strong family history or certain medical conditions. These people might begin screening at a younger age.

What are other reasons my doctor might order a colonoscopy?

Your doctor might order a colonoscopy if you have:

  • Blood in your bowel movements
  • A change in your bowel habits
  • A condition called anemia that can make you feel tired and weak
  • Long-term belly or rectal pain that you cannot explain
  • Abnormal results from a different type of colon test
  • A history of colon cancer or growths in your colon

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2. Colonoscopy Handouts

Please review the following documents carefully.

3. Colonoscopy History

Please fill out, sign, and return to our office the following history form:

4. Schedule Your Consultation

To schedule a consultation to see if you’re in need of a colonoscopy, please call us at 620-225-1650 and we’ll confirm your availability and get you set up.